Lauren Williams

Name:  Lauren Williams 


Home Chapter:  Smyrna High School


AdvisorMichael Hill-Shaner & Genny Willis


Inspirational Quote“Every storm runs out of rain”


Area of Certification/Career DesiredK-6th grade teacher 


How did you first learn about the Educators Rising?

I first learned about Educators Rising/FEA through my advisor, Mr. Shaner.


What has been your most challenging Educators Rising experience? 

In my three years in the program, my most challenging experience was learning to write and format IEPs correctly.


What are you most looking forward to during your year as a State Officer? 

I look forward to making new memories and building a stronger chapter.


What is your favorite EdRising moment? 

Spending time with my fellow officers at retreats and conferences is definitely one of my favorites.


What inspires you to work in the field of education? 

The fact that I’ll be changing lives and molding the future.


Who was your favorite teacher and why? 

Mrs. Smith, my 5th grade teacher at Lake Forest Central. I had extremely bad anxiety and so did she. She would help me not only in school but out of school as well. She was also amazing at creating interactive and engaging lessons.